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Grade: 6 MM | 6.5 MM | 7 MM | 7.5 MM | 8 MM | 7.8 MM (Export Quality)
Buy Cardamom online from the best quality Cardamom suppliers in Kerala. Buy Green Cardamom online to acquire its natural aroma right to your doorstep. Whether you prefer green or black cardamom, the powerful and aromatic spice part of the ginger family brings about special notes of flavours and taste to your food making it delectable and enjoyable. The aromatic cardamom seeds sit in its pod capsules that are grown in the rain and dew in high ranges of Kerala. They are cultivated in the rich soil of the hill-slopes that were not very long ago virgin forested areas. The quality of fertile soil, natural habitats and the covering of trees give the cardamom its special flavour.

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Product Description

green cardamom or elaichi is a very widely used spice that comes with greens shells and brown, small seeds. They can be slit or crushed and added to various dishes to impart a strong aroma and flavour. In Ayurveda, green cardamom is considered to have many beneficial properties. Benefits The seeds, powder or even oil of green cardamom can boost your digestion and offer relief from flatulence. Digestive tonics are prepared from these, and the spice also prevents oral infections. It is used to treat loss of appetite, constipation and heartburn as well. How to use Whole green cardamoms or the powdered variety can be used in various curries, soups, stews and even special rice dishes to enhance their taste and fragrance. Tea or coffee when brewed with cardamoms, tastes delightful and refreshing. Even sweets, desserts and ice-creams can be infused with cardamoms for a distinct flavour.