What we do

As far as excellence in quality, food safety and sourcing of spices is concerned we at Realmore International provide our customers with an unrivalled variety, unique value along with the convenience to buy online. Realmore is a state of art e-store aiming to provide customers with a wide variety of ingredients that are essential to make your cuisine healthy and delectable. Our experienced and knowledgeable management has the expertise to promote the best quality spices that will very conveniently reach your doorstep.


Realmore believes in building good relations with farmers and growers in the Western Ghats in Kerala and connecting them to millions of customers across India providing them with the choicest of spices and other agricultural produce. Our products are directly collected from the farmers, sorted, cleaned and couriered to our customers. In fact, we are the only link between the farmers and customers eliminating all other middlemen. This is one reason why we guarantee the lowest prices for all our products. It is a false notion that one has to spend a higher price for authentic or organic food products as it is the middlemen who benefit most from this supply chain throwing the burden of higher prices on the customers.
Our spices are distinctive providing a unique colour, aroma, flavour, taste and texture to food. You can select from a wide range of spices and other products like tea, coffee, dry fruits and snack foods from our online store while sitting in your homes. We guarantee timely delivery of high-quality spices and also assure you a 100% refund of your money in case you are not satisfied with our products.

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